Everything a tablet can do is available in a MOTTO magazine or book. Take a photo or a video. Stay right in the magazine but see an embedded website or use a chat room. Scroll texts. Tap for pop-ups that let you see bigger images. Or galleries. See texts change on a page in sync with a video. Answer a survey. Add your own video as a note. Give a score to a review.  


MOTTO magazines can access a tablet's GPS anytime. Or connect to web servers and databases. That means, for example, that using GPS a magazine would discover it is in a museum and, using beacons, it could provide a bonus audio guide to users. Or localized advertisement. That also means that profile-based contents is possible.


You can draw, write, add photos and videos on the fly. You can modify recipes. Embed a photo of the result. You complete a wine tasting sheet. The text from chosen sections can be modified by users. Comments are added as moveable, resizable multimedia notes.


Out of the box, MOTTO magazines and books can connect to Bluetooth devices, beacons and sensors. With BLE thermometers, kitchen scales, pedometers, beacons, light sensors...possibilities are limitless. The magazines and books can also be made to control these devices!


It's possible to share sections, pages or even a whole MOTTO magazine as full .motto files, html excerpts in emails or through links in social media. That hotel review annotated by you? Send it to your aunt. That recipe you modified with extra garlic and mayonnaise? Show that very personal version to your friends.



All user created contents are saved in MOTTO magazines' own local database (not in the cloud) , including videos from users, annotated photos, comments. Individual pages, modified or not, can also be saved as separate documents in the MOTTO Reader library.