The Editor UI let you create and design your magazines using basic blocks which you drag and drop in the page. Blocks can be moved around, resized and duplicated. Blocks snap to a grid system. Pages can be duplicated. Reordered. Sections from other magazines or books can be inserted and used as templates.  You can tweak behaviour at book level, page level or block level.


The MOTTO Editor exports pure HTML CSS Javascript files. 

Because of that, default behaviour of all blocks is easily extendable with a few lines of Javascript or jQuery.  Anything that works in a browser can be added in the magazines or books as a .zip file. Cool CSS3 effects. jQuery plug-ins. Even physics engine simulations. You add a few calls to iOS and there is almost nothing you can't do.


Standard blocks include: text, image, audio, video, gallery, drawing, links, iframe, maps, editable text, html and zip files. Any HTML or CSS game or bookwidget found on the web can be added to the magazine. Custom scripts are available from us on request: puzzle, invisible ink, pop-up, video synchronized with text, connectors to Bluetooth devices.


In the Editor it is possible to modify the Reader behaviour. You can decide, or not, that the Motto Reader will let users share pages, or the whole book. Or that it will show them a scrollable Table of contents with miniatures. That the Reader will allow user multimedia notes or that the Table of Contents will use filters for certain types of content.


Contents can be hidden and shown only under some condition: the profile of the user, the location of the magazine, a pressed button or answers to a survey. Multimedia elements such as videos, audio or some CSS animation can start on a click or when the page becomes visible. Some pages can be accessed at all time but only from the menu.