Interactive Digital Magazine and Book Editor


Interactive Digital Magazine and Book Editor


GET the most out of Digital 

MOTTO really lets you leverage the incredible computing power and connectivity of tablets and smartphones. Instead of creating layers on top of pdf documents designed first and foremost as printed material, MOTTO goes full digital and full interactive from the start. Magazines or books that know where they are, can connect to scales, thermometers or databases, and dynamically change their content on the fly. That's MOTTO.


The Reading Experience

The Reading Experience


Everything a tablet can do is available in a MOTTO magazine or book. Take a photo or a video. Stay right in the magazine but see an embedded website or use a chat room. Scroll texts. Tap for pop-ups that let you see bigger images. Or galleries. See texts change on a page in sync with a video. Answer a survey. Add your own video as a note. Give a score to a review.  


MOTTO magazines can access a tablet's GPS anytime. Or connect to web servers and databases. That means, for example, that using GPS a magazine would discover it is in a museum and, using beacons, it could provide a bonus audio guide to users. Or localized advertisement. That also means that profile-based contents is possible.


You can draw, write, add photos and videos on the fly. You can modify recipes. Embed a photo of the result. You complete a wine tasting sheet. The text from chosen sections can be modified by users. Comments are added as moveable, resizable multimedia notes.


Out of the box, MOTTO magazines and books can connect to Bluetooth devices, beacons and sensors. With BLE thermometers, kitchen scales, pedometers, beacons, light sensors...possibilities are limitless. The magazines and books can also be made to control these devices!


It's possible to share sections, pages or even a whole MOTTO magazine as full .motto files, html excerpts in emails or through links in social media. That hotel review annotated by you? Send it to your aunt. That recipe you modified with extra garlic and mayonnaise? Show that very personal version to your friends.



All user created contents are saved in MOTTO magazines' own local database (not in the cloud) , including videos from users, annotated photos, comments. Individual pages, modified or not, can also be saved as separate documents in the MOTTO Reader library.



The Editing Platform

The Editing Platform


The Editor UI let you create and design your magazines using basic blocks which you drag and drop in the page. Blocks can be moved around, resized and duplicated. Blocks snap to a grid system. Pages can be duplicated. Reordered. Sections from other magazines or books can be inserted and used as templates.  You can tweak behaviour at book level, page level or block level.


The MOTTO Editor exports pure HTML CSS Javascript files. 

Because of that, default behaviour of all blocks is easily extendable with a few lines of Javascript or jQuery.  Anything that works in a browser can be added in the magazines or books as a .zip file. Cool CSS3 effects. jQuery plug-ins. Even physics engine simulations. You add a few calls to iOS and there is almost nothing you can't do.


Standard blocks include: text, image, audio, video, gallery, drawing, links, iframe, maps, editable text, html and zip files. Any HTML or CSS game or bookwidget found on the web can be added to the magazine. Custom scripts are available from us on request: puzzle, invisible ink, pop-up, video synchronized with text, connectors to Bluetooth devices.


In the Editor it is possible to modify the Reader behaviour. You can decide, or not, that the Motto Reader will let users share pages, or the whole book. Or that it will show them a scrollable Table of contents with miniatures. That the Reader will allow user multimedia notes or that the Table of Contents will use filters for certain types of content.


Contents can be hidden and shown only under some condition: the profile of the user, the location of the magazine, a pressed button or answers to a survey. Multimedia elements such as videos, audio or some CSS animation can start on a click or when the page becomes visible. Some pages can be accessed at all time but only from the menu.





The Reader may be rebranded to suit your needs. Custom modifications to standard interactions are also possible, such as changes to the menu bar, personalized touch events, or filters on table of contents views.

The Reader comes with its own library and database for
user-generated contents associated to specific magazines. This library can also be customized.


Using either event-triggered hidden pages or dynamically loaded information from a server the magazines can show context based contents and advertisements. Context can be time of the day, age of the user,  language, location, beacon proximity, answer to a question...pretty much anything you can think of.


Magazines or books can be included in the download from the App Store of your custom branded Reader. Or the library can access, either manually or automatically, a content server to download available magazines.


Motto Reader activities can be compiled using the Apple App Store and Google Analytics. Data such as page views, numbers of downloads, clicks to web sites, usage by country...are therefore available to publishers and their partners.

Our offer

graphic and interactive layout services

You send us your texts, photos and videos and we do the rest. We can brand the reader, create cool effects, develop tailored-made interactivity or connect your magazine to special databases or web servers. We can use your inDesign files and stay close to your current look and feel or start from scratch. Or anything in between. Contact us.


You get access to MOTTO Editing Platform. You pay a flat fee for each issue of your magazine or per book. 
Training ( you won't need much ) and online help included. We can also help you with branding and custom scripts for special effects.